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Highlight of my day September 27, 2010

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Today’s run was definitely the highlight of my day.  I don’t know if it was the weather or weirdness at work, but I was down in the dumps today.  I went for an easy 50 minute run on the Three Rivers Heritage trail.  It has been a while since I ran on this trail.  The last time I ran there, some construction was going on.  It was finished today and the new walkway they made is awesome.

I was speedy today.  I think it was the new music or needing to blow off some steam.  It was just what I needed to end my day.  While I was running, I was approaching another female runner who was taking a walking break.  I’m not sure if her break was ending or she heard me coming up behind her but she started running.  I wanted to pass her!  I don’t know what came over me but I cranked up my speed and so did she!  We had our own mini race.  I ended up passing her.  This is going to sound mean but it felt kind of good to pass someone (it doesn’t happen too often).

Looking forward to a better day tomorrow.

Happy Michigan Cows!


Skewed perspective September 26, 2010

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Saturday I went on a “short and quick” 10 mile run!  There’s nothing like marathon training to skew your perspective on what is a short run.  I finished in 1:41:20.  It was a fun run too.  The weather was perfect.  Sunny and in the 60s.  There was a bike tour on the Montour trail so there was a lot more people to keep me entertained during my run.  I also used Betsy’s trick of converting youtube videos to mp3s.  So I had a bunch of new music to pass the time.


I did a speed workout on the treadmill on Thursday.  I meant to go to the high school track by our house Wednesday after work but I had a couple of things working against me.  First there was a soccer game at the track (it runs around the soccer/football field).  Second there was a really bad storm (lots of damage, thankfully nothing near us).  Third I worked late (lab has been crazy lately, lots of late nights the past couple of weeks).  I ended up running 4.94 miles in 52 minutes (10 min warm up, [2 min fast, 2 min slow X8], 10 min cool down).  That is the longest I have ever ran on the treadmill (dreadmill, anyone?).  Last winter I had a brief relationship with the treadmill where I would speed walk on insane inclines for 40-45 minutes, but I’ve never had any desire to run that long on the treadmill.  Everything is fine until 30 minutes into the run when I remembered that I hadn’t packed a bra.  I ended up being late for work because I had to run home.  I thought it was the respectable thing to do though;)

Camera update

Still no luck finding the camera.  My husband and I fear that maybe it fell in the trash.  Right now that makes the most sense.  My brother is enlisting in the Army, so I think I will ask to borrow his point and shoot until I have saved up enough money to buy a decent camera.  This is how I feel because I can’t find my camera:


Just another day in [running] paradise September 21, 2010

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I got up early today to run!  It was cold today to.  I think in the upper 40s.  I wore pants and a track jacket.  Though I probably could have done without the jacket.  I did a nice and easy 50 minute run.  I pounded out 4.81 miles.  I always forget how much I love running in the morning before work and knowing for the rest of the day that I don’t have to worry about it after work.

Lately I have been really bad about not stretching after my week day runs.  I think this led to the slight case of extensor tendinitis in my left foot.  My legs were starting to feel extremely tight.  After my long runs on the weekend I stretch for about 20 minutes.  I did an abbreviated stretching routine this morning.

  • Calf stretch on the stairs (30 seconds each side)
  • Quadricep stretch (30 seconds each side)
  • Inner thigh-butterfly stretch (1 minute)
  • Hamstring-reach for toes while sitting (1 minute each side)

My legs felt significantly better today after this little bit of stretching.  I’m going to stretch for a little bit and then hit the hay.  I’ve found that lately I can’t get enough sleep.  I think this is common for people training for a marathon.  I know I read somewhere that for every mile you run you should add a certain number of minutes to your normal sleep time.  I think it might be 10 minutes per mile?  I’ll have to see if I can find that article.

P.S.  Marathon training is a lot more fun and dare I say easier than I thought it would be!  Excited for the next 6 weeks!


18 on the 18th September 19, 2010

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I ran 18 miles on Saturday!  It is the furthest I have ever run and if my marathon had been yesterday, I could have finished it.  That feeling makes me so excited for the marathon.  I finished the 18 miles (on the 18th of September) in 3 hours, 14 minutes.  

My pace slowed down considerably the last 5 miles because the top of my left foot was really achy.  I’m pretty sure it is extensor tendinitis which can be caused from too tight shoes and tight calves and hamstrings.  When I ran my half marathon 2 weeks ago, I wore my new shoes and tied them a bit too tight.  I’m still trying to get out of the habit of lacing them too tight.  Here’s a picture of my new shoes by the way.  They are Ascis.

I ate about two of my scuffins during the run and then one after.  I also drank diluted gatorade while running.  I probably drank about a quart.

I was bummed that I missed the last part of the MSU vs. Notre Dame game.  But I seriously could not keep my eyes open.  Here’s a flash back to my MSU marching band days!

See you later gators 🙂


Running Cookies September 17, 2010

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I posted this recipe for Carrot Coconut Cocoa Scuffins, adapted from OhSheGlow’s Carrot Cake Scuffins about a month ago.  Since then I have used them not only as pre-run fuel, but also while I’m running!  On my 14 mile run after I ate 1/4 of one of these I swear I could feel the power and energy running through my veins.  They certainly gave me some pep!  I realized in my original recipe that I left out the amount of cocoa I added (it was 2 Tbsp).  I’ve fixed that here and put in italics my changes this time due to lack of ingredients!  We desperately need to go grocery shopping for staples.

Carrot Coconut Cocoa Scuffins

  • Flax egg: 1 tbsp ground flax + 3 tbsp water, mixed and set aside for 5 mins (used an actual egg; used the last of my flax in my oatmeal this week.)
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking power
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1.5 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 Tbsp cocoa (1/2 Tbsp–>ran out)
  • 1/2 cup regular oats
  • 2/3 cup brown sugar, not packed!
  • 2 tbsp canola oil
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt (though I think vanilla might be better)
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1 cup shredded or grated carrots (approx 2 medium)
  • 1/4 cup coconut
  • 1/4 cup chopped walnuts

Preheat oven to 350.  Mix flax and water in medium bowl.  Set aside.  Whisk together dry ingredients (flour through brown sugar).  Add wet (oil, yogurt, vanilla, and carrots) to the flax egg.  Add wet to dry and mix just until incorporated.  Add coconut and walnuts and mix to disperse.  I got 17 scuffins.  I scooped 1/8 cup onto silpat mats.  Bake for 25 minutes.

I think the shredded carrots are so pretty!  Can’t wait to eat these during my 18 mile run tomorrow.

P.S.  My husband and I can not find our camera.  I know I had it on Sunday because I was going to take it to the Steelers game and then decided not to.  Now it is nowhere to be found.  I’ve torn the house apart and I’m so frustrated right now!


Broken in September 16, 2010

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My shoes are finally broken in.  I have had no problems with my three runs this week.


My training plan called for a 60 minute easy run.  I ran around my neighborhood.  It was a very relaxed run because I ran 12 miles the day before.  One of the things I hate about my neighborhood is the amount of hills.  I’ve tried to find routes that have the least amount of hills.


Tuesday was a cross training day for me.  I started a new stage in the New Rules of Lifting for Women.  Let me tell you I was sore on Wednesday and today.  Mostly in my hamstrings.  I’m going to use some runnersworld.com hamstring specific stretches before I go to sleep tonight.


The training plan called for a tempo run.  One of the things I love about my training plan is my week day runs are all based on time and not distance.  It really takes the pressure off.  I did a 10 minute warmup followed by 4 sets of 5 minutes between 8-10 minute miles and 2 minute slow jogging.  I ended with a 10 minute cool down.  This run was a lot of fun.  I really liked looking forward to each tempo and each break.  It made the time go by quickly.

Thursday a.k.a. Today

Pittsburgh was rainy and gloomy today (I kind of like it when the weather is like this) so I knew I needed to run before lab or I’d never make it out.  I did a nice and easy run 9 minutes, walk 1 minute for 50 minutes total.  It was so peaceful running in the morning and watching the world slowly light up.

No pictures today because my phone is dead and my husband and I can’t find our camera (wtf?).

Looking forward to my 18 mile run this weekend.  This will be a PDR for me.


New shoes September 11, 2010

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I got new shoes!  And I’ve ran 22 miles in them so far.

Last Saturday (over Labor Day) I ran in the Aliferis Memorial half marathon in Alpena, MI.  I PR’ed too.  I finished in 2:04:31-ish.  I also tacked 2 miles on before and 1 mile after in order to meet my 16 mile training plan goal.  That Saturday was cold and overcast.  I was worried it was going to rain but it held off until the afternoon. My legs were pretty sore on Saturday but I felt normal by Sunday.  Must have been the turkey dinner my mom made for lunch after the race (my mom and dad did the 18.5 mile bike ride and my older brother ran the 5K).

I took a running hiatus until Thursday due to busy-ness for work and school.

Thursday I ran 60 minutes (6.06mi) after work.  The weather was perfect.  Mid-70s and overcast.  Unfortunately my new shoes started bothering me.  The side of the shoe kept rubbing on my right ankle bone.  I’m going for a run later today and again tomorrow.  I’m wearing taller and thicker socks.  So we’ll see if that helps.  If not, I’m going to have to take the shoes back to the store.  I don’t think it is right to pay $100 and not have the shoes fit comfortably.  But I’m having an ethical pull that I’ll have put over 30 miles on them.

Last Thursday (before Labor day weekend) I went on an early morning run from my lab into Oakland to drop off some library books.  I then took a jaunt into Schenely Park.  Here are some phone pictures that I took on my run.

This pond/spring was NOT dried up less than two years ago.  I’m glad the city of Pittsburgh is planning to restore it.  It made me sad to see it in this state.

Phipps Conservatory

Cathedral of Learning
Be back later with my run recap!