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18 on the 18th September 19, 2010

Filed under: Long Run — katyruns @ 11:32 pm

I ran 18 miles on Saturday!  It is the furthest I have ever run and if my marathon had been yesterday, I could have finished it.  That feeling makes me so excited for the marathon.  I finished the 18 miles (on the 18th of September) in 3 hours, 14 minutes.  

My pace slowed down considerably the last 5 miles because the top of my left foot was really achy.  I’m pretty sure it is extensor tendinitis which can be caused from too tight shoes and tight calves and hamstrings.  When I ran my half marathon 2 weeks ago, I wore my new shoes and tied them a bit too tight.  I’m still trying to get out of the habit of lacing them too tight.  Here’s a picture of my new shoes by the way.  They are Ascis.

I ate about two of my scuffins during the run and then one after.  I also drank diluted gatorade while running.  I probably drank about a quart.

I was bummed that I missed the last part of the MSU vs. Notre Dame game.  But I seriously could not keep my eyes open.  Here’s a flash back to my MSU marching band days!

See you later gators 🙂


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