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Skewed perspective September 26, 2010

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Saturday I went on a “short and quick” 10 mile run!  There’s nothing like marathon training to skew your perspective on what is a short run.  I finished in 1:41:20.  It was a fun run too.  The weather was perfect.  Sunny and in the 60s.  There was a bike tour on the Montour trail so there was a lot more people to keep me entertained during my run.  I also used Betsy’s trick of converting youtube videos to mp3s.  So I had a bunch of new music to pass the time.


I did a speed workout on the treadmill on Thursday.  I meant to go to the high school track by our house Wednesday after work but I had a couple of things working against me.  First there was a soccer game at the track (it runs around the soccer/football field).  Second there was a really bad storm (lots of damage, thankfully nothing near us).  Third I worked late (lab has been crazy lately, lots of late nights the past couple of weeks).  I ended up running 4.94 miles in 52 minutes (10 min warm up, [2 min fast, 2 min slow X8], 10 min cool down).  That is the longest I have ever ran on the treadmill (dreadmill, anyone?).  Last winter I had a brief relationship with the treadmill where I would speed walk on insane inclines for 40-45 minutes, but I’ve never had any desire to run that long on the treadmill.  Everything is fine until 30 minutes into the run when I remembered that I hadn’t packed a bra.  I ended up being late for work because I had to run home.  I thought it was the respectable thing to do though;)

Camera update

Still no luck finding the camera.  My husband and I fear that maybe it fell in the trash.  Right now that makes the most sense.  My brother is enlisting in the Army, so I think I will ask to borrow his point and shoot until I have saved up enough money to buy a decent camera.  This is how I feel because I can’t find my camera:


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