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20 turned 13 October 3, 2010

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My training plan called for 20 miles yesterday!  I set out from my house heading towards Pittsburgh.  I had never gone this way before (probably my first mistake).  Here are some of the sights.


Recognize this bridge from the movie "She's out of my League?"

Going here would be my worst nightmare. Birds scare me!

Home of the Steelers


PNC park

River Trail

I was about 10 miles in at this point.  

As you can see from the picture, I’m happy and ready to finish the second half of my run.  Well a mile later I felt the exact opposite.  Pain on the outside of my left knee started and it radiated throughout my entire leg.  I called my brother to come pick me up.  I ended up walking miles 11-13 to a spot where he could get to me.

I came home and iced my knee and google searched what happened.  It seems that these symptoms are classic ITBS (iliotibial band syndrome).  I’ve been icing and taking ibuprofen.  I’m taking the next several days off running.  I think I might try again on Wednesday but if it hurts again I’m going to stop.  Starting tomorrow I’m going to start doing IT band stretches.

I think this might have happened because the route I ran was really hilly and while I have been running hills during my shorter runs I haven’t been doing hilly long runs.  I’ve also been a slacker when it comes to stretching.  It has mostly been because of time or running on a trail and forgetting to stretch when I get home.  I am running a marathon in a month.  I can’t be sacrificing all my hard work by not stretching.

So emotionally yesterday I was really mad and sad.  I have been working so hard and I was so happy that my training had been injury free.  But I’m naturally an optimist, so I realized that I can recover quickly if I just take it easy and give my body every opportunity to heal itself.  So I’m just going to take it easy try to do some cross training the next couple of days.


2 Responses to “20 turned 13”

  1. On the plus side, it looks like a beautiful run. Pittsburgh right? I’ve only visited once and that was about eight years ago for a conference. Mr. Roger’s hometown 🙂

    • katyruns Says:

      You are right! It is Pittsburgh. It is beautiful but hilly! I definitely appreciate going back to my hometown in Michigan in running on the flat roads and trails.

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