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20 turned 13 October 3, 2010

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My training plan called for 20 miles yesterday!  I set out from my house heading towards Pittsburgh.  I had never gone this way before (probably my first mistake).  Here are some of the sights.


Recognize this bridge from the movie "She's out of my League?"

Going here would be my worst nightmare. Birds scare me!

Home of the Steelers


PNC park

River Trail

I was about 10 miles in at this point.  

As you can see from the picture, I’m happy and ready to finish the second half of my run.  Well a mile later I felt the exact opposite.  Pain on the outside of my left knee started and it radiated throughout my entire leg.  I called my brother to come pick me up.  I ended up walking miles 11-13 to a spot where he could get to me.

I came home and iced my knee and google searched what happened.  It seems that these symptoms are classic ITBS (iliotibial band syndrome).  I’ve been icing and taking ibuprofen.  I’m taking the next several days off running.  I think I might try again on Wednesday but if it hurts again I’m going to stop.  Starting tomorrow I’m going to start doing IT band stretches.

I think this might have happened because the route I ran was really hilly and while I have been running hills during my shorter runs I haven’t been doing hilly long runs.  I’ve also been a slacker when it comes to stretching.  It has mostly been because of time or running on a trail and forgetting to stretch when I get home.  I am running a marathon in a month.  I can’t be sacrificing all my hard work by not stretching.

So emotionally yesterday I was really mad and sad.  I have been working so hard and I was so happy that my training had been injury free.  But I’m naturally an optimist, so I realized that I can recover quickly if I just take it easy and give my body every opportunity to heal itself.  So I’m just going to take it easy try to do some cross training the next couple of days.


Skewed perspective September 26, 2010

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Saturday I went on a “short and quick” 10 mile run!  There’s nothing like marathon training to skew your perspective on what is a short run.  I finished in 1:41:20.  It was a fun run too.  The weather was perfect.  Sunny and in the 60s.  There was a bike tour on the Montour trail so there was a lot more people to keep me entertained during my run.  I also used Betsy’s trick of converting youtube videos to mp3s.  So I had a bunch of new music to pass the time.


I did a speed workout on the treadmill on Thursday.  I meant to go to the high school track by our house Wednesday after work but I had a couple of things working against me.  First there was a soccer game at the track (it runs around the soccer/football field).  Second there was a really bad storm (lots of damage, thankfully nothing near us).  Third I worked late (lab has been crazy lately, lots of late nights the past couple of weeks).  I ended up running 4.94 miles in 52 minutes (10 min warm up, [2 min fast, 2 min slow X8], 10 min cool down).  That is the longest I have ever ran on the treadmill (dreadmill, anyone?).  Last winter I had a brief relationship with the treadmill where I would speed walk on insane inclines for 40-45 minutes, but I’ve never had any desire to run that long on the treadmill.  Everything is fine until 30 minutes into the run when I remembered that I hadn’t packed a bra.  I ended up being late for work because I had to run home.  I thought it was the respectable thing to do though;)

Camera update

Still no luck finding the camera.  My husband and I fear that maybe it fell in the trash.  Right now that makes the most sense.  My brother is enlisting in the Army, so I think I will ask to borrow his point and shoot until I have saved up enough money to buy a decent camera.  This is how I feel because I can’t find my camera:


18 on the 18th September 19, 2010

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I ran 18 miles on Saturday!  It is the furthest I have ever run and if my marathon had been yesterday, I could have finished it.  That feeling makes me so excited for the marathon.  I finished the 18 miles (on the 18th of September) in 3 hours, 14 minutes.  

My pace slowed down considerably the last 5 miles because the top of my left foot was really achy.  I’m pretty sure it is extensor tendinitis which can be caused from too tight shoes and tight calves and hamstrings.  When I ran my half marathon 2 weeks ago, I wore my new shoes and tied them a bit too tight.  I’m still trying to get out of the habit of lacing them too tight.  Here’s a picture of my new shoes by the way.  They are Ascis.

I ate about two of my scuffins during the run and then one after.  I also drank diluted gatorade while running.  I probably drank about a quart.

I was bummed that I missed the last part of the MSU vs. Notre Dame game.  But I seriously could not keep my eyes open.  Here’s a flash back to my MSU marching band days!

See you later gators 🙂


Slow and Steady August 14, 2010

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On Thursday I was meant to run for 50 minutes (running 9 minutes, walking 1 minute).  But boy were my legs a little tired from the speed workout at the track on Wednesday.  So I used Thursday as a rest day.  It was wonderful.  I even went to bed early and woke up well rested Friday morning to tackle my run.  I wanted to keep this run nice and easy.  I went 4.44 miles.  It was beautiful outside.  I need to remember that running in the morning before work is so worth it. I’m going to try this week to do my Monday and Thursday run in the morning.  The only worrisome thing was my right hip started to hurt a little bit.  I stretched for about 30 minutes after and it felt considerably better.

Friday night I did some baking.  I made zucchini muffins.  I used this recipe.  They turned out yummy.  Not too sweet.  I’m going to use them for snacks and pre-run fuel.

I fueled my 10 mile run with 2 of the mini muffins I made last night.  They digested really well and I didn’t have any stomach issues.  I went slow and steady today.  I finished in 1:44:34.

I slowed down my pace because I was worried about my hip but it didn’t feel achy like it did yesterday.  I know that my hamstrings and IT band get especially tight and I haven’t been stretching like I had the first couple weeks of training.  I also need to get new shoes (it’s been a year and I’ve trained and ran for 2 half marathons with these babies).  I will most likely be heading to Elite Runners by the end of the month.

I’m working my way up to an ice bath.  The past two weeks I’ve just sat in the tub filled with cold water for 10-15 minutes.  It’s actually not too bad once you are used to it.  

I’m running a half marathon in 3 weeks!  I’m signed up for the Aliferis Memorial Half Marathon in Alpena, MI.  Last year was the inaugural event for the half.  Hopefully the race directors took our suggestions and have improved it (there were not enough water stations and the course wasn’t marked well–>some people ran about 2 miles out of their way).  I’m planning to run 3 miles before the race and then the half to get my 16 miles in.  I’m excited, mostly to see my family and to use my mom’s foam roller (though I’m going to try to convince Matt to buy me one today).

‘Til Monday! Happy Weekend

It’s Official!! August 3, 2010

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I bought my plan ticket to Santa Barbara last night! It’s really sinking in right now that I’m actually going to be running a marathon.

This past weekend, my husband and I were in Michigan for a family reunion. I ran 8 miles on Saturday around my parent’s farm. It was a pretty great run. I finished in 1:20:31. The temperature was in the mid-60s and it was overcast. Perfect for a run…not so perfect for a family reunion.

I’m using a training plan I found in Women’s Running magazine. It incorporates walking into the long runs. So I run for 9 minutes and walk for 1 minute for the designated mileage. For 8 miles it wasn’t so important. But I think for the higher mileage it will be very beneficial mentally.

Confession: I’m supposed to run Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Confession: I didn’t run Monday or today.

But I believe that every training plan needs flexibility. I’ve been really busy with lab because I am submitting a grant that is due tomorrow. So my plan for this week is to run Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We’ll see how that goes. I haven’t run four days in a row in…forever!